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Looking for a lover. Looking for a mistress. I am looking for a kept woman.   Moscow, Russian Federation.

I am looking for a girl for a relationship with the content. Moscow (top 08/31/2019)


I'll start with a short story about myself. I am 52 years old. I live in Moscow alone in a large apartment in a club house, I finish building a country house, there are several executive cars. Own business, co-owner of a well-known distribution network. I earn several million rubles a month. Yes, I understand that this is not so much by Moscow standards, I personally know businessmen whose wealth and income are greater than mine. But at the same time, unlike many others, I am really ready to splurge well and pamper my girlfriend, I always keep my word. For the first time, I’m ready to offer up to 300,000 rubles a month with the prospect of an increase to a million. Outwardly unremarkable. Low height 172, no excess weight. Well-groomed, but not cute boy from the podium. I look like a serious adult businessman should look. A smart girl must understand. I will not send the photo, if you initially choose a man by appearance, then I pass, it is better to consider that I am ugly.

I am looking for a girl or woman 18-40 years old, beautiful, well-mannered, intelligent. I am free and more inclined to serious relationships, theoretically I admit marriage and the birth of children in the future, but there is no such goal - this is under an ideal set of circumstances. Why here? It is important for me that the girl appreciates me for my financial and social status and financial participation in her life, I do not want to compete with the aforementioned cute boys from the catwalk, your peers, good lovers, etc. I think that it is here that you can meet a girl whom I will approach just like that with her strengths and weaknesses and who will become my close person for a long time. Ideally, I want it to be a native Muscovite or a Petersburger from a good family, but I will consider girls from other cities and countries that I don’t give up as a hillbilly.

The intimate side of the relationship is important to me, but I'm completely not interested in any kind of offers to sell virginity, meetings in the format of BDSM and other perversions. Everything, as usual in a relationship between a man and a woman, I just want to emphasize once again that you must understand that in sex you will have to give more than receive (which is compensated by the large content). And, of course, I admit relations only by mutual sympathy, the first meeting with a girl who suits me according to the photo and data will be a dinner in a restaurant without any continuation.

And it is equally important that you should not be ashamed to appear in society - to go to the theater or to the stadium, to attend a business forum. Therefore, I am looking for a girl with a model appearance, but it is better that she is not a model, but is engaged in more intellectual or creative activities. But I don’t have any models in general, if she has other goals in life and is engaged in self-development.

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