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Looking for a husband.   Kiev, Ukraine.

I’m giving birth to an heir. Kiev

I have an unusual sentence, please do not send rudeness or other suggestions without having read this announcement to the end.

I’m still young, I look good, with normal genes and without bad habits, I cook deliciously, an interesting conversationalist.

There are conditions for a child to live, I have been driving cars for many years without any trouble, I have free time for education, I live in a good gated complex with fresh air and a lot of parks.

It so happened that long-term relationships ended, and getting involved in new ones is another 2-3 years to get to know a person, after 3 years I’ll be not so good in health for childbirth as now, plus we often fall into relationships without knowing the goals of the man, right now I don’t want children everyone.

Therefore, maybe someone really loves children, but for a number of personal reasons, they still haven't got them and are not planning to start a family in the near future in the classical sense of the word.

The reasons can be different: personal trauma, a childless wife, distrust of people, love to change women every week, selfishness, love of freedom and loneliness, frequent business trips abroad.

If such thoughts flickered in your head - about getting a baby, write to me.

I don’t see it as an income or a ticket to life, I can leave something for the future child, I hope together we can do more.

To love, to meet, to be faithful, to live together, to get married is not necessary, but it is imperative to calmly talk everything out, be honest with each other, try for the baby and keep a little secret of acquaintance.

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