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Looking for a wife.   St Petersburg, Russian Federation.

Looking for a bride with moving St. Petersburg (top 03/16/2019)

I want to find a bride soon. However, in terms of the totality of socio-economic factors, what I want today is more suitable for the definition of “woman kept”.

I am looking for a girl who lives in St. Petersburg or in the vicinity of 500 km. from St. Petersburg. and agree to move (preferably not immediately).

Money is the most important thing in our life, but in our case it is not the only one. Psychological compatibility matters.

Expectations from a companion

1. Height 176-179 cm. Age to 33. The psychotype is sanguine.

2. Normal state of health and psyche (lack of epilepsy, vegetarianism or child free)

3. The lack of children, mortgages, loans, enforcement proceedings and "relatives who need to be financially supported." Lack of cats / dogs.

4. Normal documents

4.1. Russian passport (page 14 is either blank or suitable for new entries, page 16 is blank)

4.2. International passport.

4.3. Other documents that are usually needed (SNILS, divorce certificates, TIN, labor, etc.) ....

5. Higher education is compulsory.

6. Interests - cooking, social networks, marketing, sales.

7. Preferably unemployed or some kind of not very successful business (which can be closed)

8. Your previous life experience matters. Experience in strip clubs, etc. is undesirable. places. However, work experience in courts and law enforcement agencies is much more undesirable.

About myself. I am 39, a height of 186. In the past I was relatively rich, in 2012-2015 I went broke a lot, now the stars are developing successfully - I’m rising quickly. I want to start a new life.

Good content. However, I have certain plans for you (see paragraphs 4-6 of the questionnaire).

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